Wednesday 31 July 2013

Watch Dogs' SDCC 2013 Panel

So you have seen AC IV's panel at SDCC 2013?

Here's another hour of awesome-ness from Ubisoft's other big game, Watch Dogs!

Here we get plenty of info on how the developers got the idea for the game, how technology is perceived in the game and more importantly what it means in the real world. As the presenter, Aisha Tyler, says "Great Science Fiction is based on Real Science!" I have to agree to that, a lot of sci-fi movies/games don't interest me but when you are talking about real-life stuff, it's intriguing and scary.

I embrace technology of course, but having your privacy all in a digital world is worrying. Anyway, that's a topic for another time, probably closer to Watch Dogs release date.

I'm still watching this as I type this post so haven't seen the rest of it yet. Do grab some popcorn if you can for the next hour or so. Definitely worth a watch if you are considering this game!