Tuesday 2 July 2013

Finally found that Last of Us Umbrella

Remember that Last of Us Umbrella that was given out as a pre-order bonus in certain Asian countries?

I finally got one!
Wasn't an easy hunt for this but finally got it!
Here's how it looks, fully opened..
Closer look at the "The Last of Us" trademark..
The PS3 Logo
and our good friend, Mr Clicker aka Mushroom-Head
On the underside of the umbrella, there is a Naughty Dog tag..
The umbrella comes with a sling cover so you can err.. sling it over your shoulder!
Nice stuff, not really my idea of a collectible as it has no relevance to the game, but still cool to have since it is a pretty rare pre-order item. 

Edit: Thinking of selling this away as I got other expenses coming up.. Throw me an offer at jveron004@gmail.com. I can ship internationally.