Friday 29 June 2012

Max Payne 3 Special Edition Pics

Just to share some pictures of my Max Payne 3 Special Edition.

I bought this edition specifically for the statue and I wasn't disappointed. Fair enough, the face resemblance isn't the best but it seems to be modelled on the Max Payne from the previous games. The littered bullet shells are a nice touch to the Statue. Bullet Keychain looks fantastic. Saw the bullet thumb drive in the Saints Row 2 Collectors Edition and have been contemplating getting one for a very long time so I'm glad I got a keychain at least from this. The still life art prints are a nice feature as well even though I'm not a huge fan of art(I don't hate art just that I won't pay separately for them) and I might consider framing them up to display and preserve them. Bonus DLC content and the game's Official Soundtrack rounds up the rest of the content.

Overall a very cool collection of items and being a huge fan of Figures & Statues, this was a cool add. There still seem to be plenty of these around, didn't seem to sell very well or just mass produced so there's still time to get one if you havn't.

Of course, the game itself is great and I'm hooked on the addictive online multiplayer.
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More pics here and do feel free to leave a comment below.