Thursday 10 January 2013

My Top 5 Wants for 2013!

So I have already blogged about my Top 5 Games of 2012 and my Top 5 Collectibles of 2012, now for my top Wants and Announcements I want to see in 2013!

1. Rockstar Character Figures

One of the reasons I bought the GTA 3 10th Anniversary Claude Figure so hurriedly was because I was anticipating an announcment for a Tommy Vercetti figure for the GTA Vice City's 10th Anniversary around December last year.

But WTF!!!! There was no such announcement from Rockstar, going as far as to say there was no plans to do a Tommy Vercetti figure. Damn I was pissed and I still am..

Don't make me shoot you! Release Tommy Vercetti at once!

Once I had decided to get the Claude figure, I was already fantasizing about a shelf display with Claude and Tommy. Heck I didn't stop there. CJ from GTA: San Andreas, Niko from GTA IV as well as Luis Lopez and Johnny Klebitz from Episodes from Liberty City were in there too.

So needless to say, no announcements for a Tommy figure dashed my hopes but I'm not giving up on this dream. I had never owned a 1/6 scale figure prior to Claude. Somehow there wasn't any that appealed to me.

I'm a changed man now and I really wish someone will get the license to do 1/6 scale figures of GTA Characters and maybe even more.  Max Payne and John Marston figures anyone? That Jimmy guy from Bully would be awesome too!

There can be no better option for 1/6 scale video game figures other than Rockstar's characters. The personality that their character have as well as the options of alternate outfits make these characters an ideal choice for 1/6 scale figures similar to the Claude one.

This is will be the biggest and best announcement if it comes to fruition.. Keeping my fingers crossed!

2. Bully 2 Announcement

Speaking of Bully... Heard of this Rockstar game?

If Red Dead Redemption was the Cowboy Western version of GTA, Bully is the High School version of GTA.

The first Bully game was a relative unknown to me back then. A friend introduced me to it saying it was a fun game similar to GTA. I tried it out and that was probably when I got to know about Rockstar, that they were the ones behind the GTA games. Been a big fan of them ever since.

Bully was actually released after GTA: San Andreas so in certain elements, it was actually a better game than GTA: SA. I felt the UI was improved and one feature I remember from back in the PS2 days was the "in-game trophies".

Jimmy's room(save location) would be filled with trophies and items as you complete certain missions or accomplishments. It was like a trophy system that you could actually see in-game rather than pausing and viewing them in a menu. Very nice and I wished more games would do that.

So getting back on topic.. a Bully 2 game would be awesome, just like any other Rockstar game. In fact I have reasons to believe a Bully 2 is in production. Awaiting the official announcement!

Did you hear? Bully 2 may be in production..

3. Assassin's Creed Aveline Figure & Accessories

As you might have seen, I have a decent collection of Assassin's Creed figures. Altair, Ezio, Connor.. The 3 main Assassin's from the console games have all been made in figure form.

However, a certain Aveline character is missing. I'm aware that the female lead from the PS Vita only game does not have a fan base comparable to any of the 3 male Assassins but the Assassin's Creed franchise is big enough for most fans to recognise her.

Besides a collection should include all characters, despite their popularity. I'm sure a Aveline figure would still sell well.

The Assassins soon to be in Figure Form?

That reminds me of Nikolai too. Sure, he hasn't even appeared in the games and only in the comics but for the reasons above, why not a figure of him too? I have seen way less popular characters from less popular games getting the figure treatment so again, why not?

NECA has also done The Flying Machine and Ezio's Hidden Blades, so also hoping to see more non-figure products from them from the AC franchise.. Maybe the parachute from AC: Revelations?

4. Good News for the Darksiders Franchise

While my above "wants" are about expanding to more games and collectibles, my 4th "want" for 2013 is the survival of the Darksiders Franchise.

Darksiders have been hit by bad news after bad news throughout 2012..

Firstly, Darksiders 2 did not sell well enough to meet expectations according to THQ, their publisher.
Then came news about Joe Mad leaving Vigil Games, the studio. The rumours that we will never see a Darksiders 3 started spreading. The latest patch for the Darksiders 2 still had some game-crashing bugs and gamers from the Asia region can't even install the patch. 
Lastly, the news that THQ was going bust, struck. (THQ going bust and selling their studios could turn out to be a blessing in disguise, who knows?)

The 2 Horsemen of the Apocalypse... that's all, no more Horsemen.. no more games! :(
(Image Source:

As much as I'm pissed off that I might never even be able to play Darksiders 2 now, because of the un-installable patch.. I'm also disappointed that one my favourite games is going downhill. So would like to hear some good news that the series will be continuing.. but first, please fix the damn game!

5. More Gaming Events in Singapore

News Flash! I live in Singapore.. No it isn't in China..

Being in Singapore, all I can do is watch gaming events like E3 on my computer. Sure, gaming sites like and have done impressively to "bring all the excitement to us", IT IS NOT THE SAME!

2012 has seen some gaming events in Singapore.. Had the honour of attending the Borderlands 2 Preview Night in Singapore. There was also a Need for Speed: Most Wanted event as well as a Licence2Play event among others. 

Good stuff and I want to see more! To see more games like Assassin's Creed, GTA, apart from the usual games. There has been more event locations popping up in the past few years.. Marina Bay Sands, ResortsWorld, Gardens by the Bay, Expo all are quality locations to host events. Not just small events but mega events where we can see a ton of games. Not just for Singaporeans but also for the entire Asia Pacific Region.. Why not?! Being a primarily English-speaking country, communication shouldn't be a problem!

Would love to see and attend more gaming events this year!

So these are the top 5 "things" I want to see this year.. What do you want for 2013?