Friday 26 April 2013

Darksiders Franchise has been bought!

Should have heard the news by now but the Darksiders franchise has been bought over by Nordic Games. Definitely a surprise to many as everyone was thinking Crytek would be bidding and probably win the bid.

So what does this mean for the franchise in the future? Initially I was a bit sceptical about Nordic Games getting the franchise... Wasn't sure, in which direction this new company will take my beloved Darksiders. With Crytek, the Darksiders will be back with the original developers since many of the developers from Vigil Games have moved there now. 

However, this article has given some hope that Nordic Games is heading in the right track.. Basically they are  open to the idea about working with Crytek USA to develop any future Darksiders Sequels, which is great news.

However, I was also thinking.. "What about the storyline?" The storyline is what I loved about Darksiders. While a large core of the original developers have stuck together and moved to Crytek USA, I'm sure there are many others who have left, including a certain Joe Mad, who had a huge and critical role in the creative aspect. So my question is, "Whose idea was Darksiders in the first place?" Will any sequels continue on the original storyline that was meant to be, or will someone else be taking over to create his own vision of the Darksiders franchise?

Hope you guys know what I mean, it's like me telling a long story to you but for some reason, I had to leave half-way and someone else takes over to complete the story for me. Will he tell the same story that I meant to tell or will he create his own version?

I am very happy with the news that the Darksiders franchise is still alive, no doubt about that and am excited to see what Nordic Games has in store for us, relating to Darksiders. However, I'm still a little disappointed and worried that Darksiders will not be what it was meant to be.

Keeping in topic with Darksiders, I have another review coming up soon by our Special Guest, Alexander! Stay tuned!