Friday 24 May 2013

GTA V Collector's Editions Revealed!

The Collector's Editions for Grand Theft Auto V have been officially revealed! 

In fact, there's going to be a Special Edition and a upgraded Collector's Edition.

The contents for the Special Edition was actually leaked on a few sites a while back, and the leak looks pretty accurate but the "Online Store Benefits" doesn't seem to be existent in the official announcement.

I was actually expecting myself to rave about how awesome the Collector's Editions for GTA V are. Some of my close friends know that I'm a huge GTA and Rockstar fan that even the slightest cool thing about the CE would have me going crazy about how awesome it is. I would probably be biased. Some would call me a fan-boy rather than a hardcore fan, but that's how biased I am to Rockstar and not only for GTA.. but all their other games.

However, after seeing the announcement, I'll be lying if I say I'm very happy with the contents. In fact, I'm very disappointed. There's nothing really exciting in terms of physical content. Security Deposit Bag? Havent we already seen a Security Deposit Box in GTA IV's Collector's Edition? For all their creativity and the super-fantastic promo items they usually release, all they can think of including in the CE is a Security Deposit Bag?

Couldn't they have added fake Gold Bars? Bag of notes? Or if they really wanted to keep with the Security Deposit theme... maybe a replica Security Deposit Locker instead?

I mean the theme of GTA V is about bank heists after all.. Maybe some of these might turn up as merchandise but they could have included 1 or 2 in the CE. Then there is a a cap, not my kinda thing.

There is a physical map as well but all the previous GTA games had that in the disc case as well so that was expected,

However, the CE isn't all disappointing. There is plenty of bonus in-game content included. 4 for the Special Edition and 6 for the Collector's Edition.

1) Stunt Plane Trials (Both Special Edition and Collectors Edition)
2) Bonus Outfits, Tattoos and more (Both Special Edition and Collectors Edition)
3) Custom Characters for GTA Online (Collectors Edition Only)
4) Special Ability Bonus (Both Special Edition and Collectors Edition)
5) Unique Vehicles and Garage Property (Collectors Edition Only)
6) Additional Weapons (Both Special Edition and Collectors Edition)

All pre-orders will also grant you access to the Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle.
Looks quite similar to the Bioshock Zeppelin. I will gladly swap that for this one if they do make a replica!

Content-wise is pretty cool especially the Stunt Plane Trials and Custom Characters for GTA online. Definitely looks like the SE and CE is focusing more on the in-game content rather than physical stuff but they are rather pricey at US$79.99 for the SE and US149.99 for the CE. Notably, the CE is a tiered up version of the SE so you can just choose one. 

But of course, even though I have huge complaints about the content and price... Rockstar is still Rockstar, GTA is still GTA and Me being Me... I'll be getting the Collector's Edition..
See source for full details..
Source: Rockstar Games