Sunday 27 October 2013

GTA V Guidebooks and Lithographs

Obviously I wasn't going to stop with just the GTA V Collector's Edition..

I also got the GTA V Collector's Edition Hardcover Guidebook..

The Back
Closer look at the contents..
The main reason why I wanted to get the CE guide was for the lithograph actually. Looks pretty cool with all 3 characters ready for some action.

Here's some of the character illustrations found in the CE guide..
There's a couple more of the other characters in the game.

Here's the slipcover for the Lithograph..
and the lithograph itself..
I also got another GTA V lithograph featuring a different artwork.

This lithograph was given to employees from certain retailers in US & UK. Luckily, they aren't that limited so I was able to get one for a relatively cheap price on eBay. 

It's great that both are exactly the same size so will look great together.
Got to frame them up soon..

Well.. did you notice the title of this post says Guidebooks...

Yes I did get the Standard Guidebook as well..

Well one is to admire and the other is to use.. if that makes sense. Just that collector part of me working it's magic I guess. Guidebook is pretty thick and good value for money if you ask me.

Some pics of the inside..
Pretty cool stuff but I'm definitely not done with GTA V yet. Waiting to receive 1 more item and then I'll do 1 more update. Also will be doing up my thoughts about GTA V and GTA Online in a couple of days..