Sunday 19 January 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Jan 18 2014 - 24 Surprises

24 Surprises

Logged in to Marvel Heroes to receive a huge surprise! 24 surprises in fact! There were 24 Mark IV Fortune cards sitting in my inventory!

I knew the Mark IV cards were coming soon but I didn't expect them to be ready today!

The cards are part of the Advanced Pack (Deluxe Edition) that I purchased, which will give me access to 12 heroes with their default & alternate costumes and 24 pieces each of the new Fortune Mark IV, V, VI cards among other stuff. I'm very convinced with the success of this game and the future additions that I have decided to splurge more cash into this game! Got to love the range of playable characters in this game.

So these are the items that you can receive from the new Fortune Mark IV cards.
3 new Costumes exclusive to this card!

Similar to the Ruby Quartz system with Mark III cards, you will get a Horizon Labs Microchip with each card (except when you receive one of the Epics.) 

I feel this is pretty cool so you are guaranteed a costume at some point. You are able to redeem one of these exclusive costumes with 95 of this form of alternate currency. Not that I think that buying 95 Fortune Cards for 1 costume is a good price or anything but at least there's a cap somewhere. Imagine buying a 100 of these cards and still don't get either of the costumes. Besides, with 95 Ruby Quartz/ Horizon Labs Microchip, you can choose which costume you want. 

I'm just saying.. The Ultimate Deadpool costume does look awesome, I might be tempted someday..

Ok.. so what did I get? I opened all 24 in quick succession..

A Spider-Man one! Got lucky in just 1 out of the 24 cards but at least there was 1! Was hoping for the Symbiote Spider-Ham pet actually, since Colossus doesn't have a pet yet. 

I also got 2 Collector's boosts from the Epics list. The rest were all boosts for various types so I have 21 Horizon Labs Microchips. So 74 more to go before I can acquire another Exclusive Costume from this list!
Some of my current goals:
Deadpool - Acquire 300 Odin Marks for a Legendary Weapon
Deadpool - Reach Level 60

Reach Crafter Level 20

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 57
Gambit: Level 23
Colossus: Level 21

Crafter: Level 15
Odin Marks: 184