Tuesday 11 February 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Feb 11 2014 (Part 1/2) - 3 becomes 1, 60 becomes 1

3 becomes 1, 60 becomes 1

A very eventful weekend, especially with the new Runes and Crafting recipes from the Enchanter. Completed a couple of milestones over the weekend as well!

Level-ed up Deadpool to 60 again, so time to Prestige him for the 2nd time. So he's back to Level 1 again..

Decided to go with another costume this time, the Unmasked Costume.
Here he is with his new Blue Iron Buddy..

One of the lesser known advantages of prestiging is that you get the default costume of the character. I believe this is to ensure that you are able to add lower level cores and affixes to your costume since the previous one might have too high a level requirement. However, if you have extra costumes, you can use these spares ones to craft a random costume..

Tried one myself with the 2 classic costumes I got from prestiging and 1 from a drop..

Not always successful though.. Got a Cable costume that I already have. But to be fair, I would have needed a lot of luck to get a costume that I didn't already own, which is about 80-90% of them.

Hit the 300 Odin Marks target for Colossus and got him a Legendary Item.

Now he's all decked out!

Why did I choose Norn Stones as Colossus's Legendary? I will talk about it soon in a post on the build I choose for him. Getting closer to that Colossus' Build post that I will put up very soon..

To be continued..