Thursday 20 March 2014

Need for Speed Movie.. Same old plot but..

Caught the Need for Speed movie on Tuesday night and here are some thoughts. Minor spoilers but nothing that would ruin your movie experience.

Movie was pretty good. The plot couldn't have been more clich├ęd. Same old story of revenge and redemption that there's nothing I could say that could spoil the plot for you. But I will still leave out the important details.

You have the hero, who is sabotaged by the villain, who is a rich, arrogant asshole who will play dirty to win. Hero & Villain have had a rivalry from many years back, which is now re-ignited when Villain makes an appearance after many years. Villain's girlfriend seems to have had some kind of romantic past with Hero. 

Then, something bad happens, Hero wants revenge. Since this is a racing movie, Hero wants revenge but the way to do it is to beat Villain in a race for winner takes all. Of course, Villain plays dirty again but Hero still manages to compete in the race and it all ends well in the end.

There's nothing new and we have all heard and seen this plot before.. It's like they didn't even bother trying to change the recipe by adding any new twists..

But.. The plot never gets old. We all love this kind of movies. Aaron Paul's performance was good but not memorable. It really did help that he has a fan base from Breaking Bad that would give the movie more credibility. Those, who don't know who he is, probably wouldn't even remember him in a year or two. 

The supporting casts were hilarious, they added a lot of humour which made up for the protagonist's moody character. 

But the real stars in the movie were the cars. A whole load of them, but only a handful were given real screen-time but still they would appease the racing aficionados. The race action was really fantastic and the range of super-cars on show was more than I could ask for. I watched the movie at GVMax so the sound quality was really awesome, perfect for the engine roars.

Apart from the plot itself, everything else was good. It's not going to be a competitor to the Fast and Furious franchise but I enjoyed it. It stayed true to the Need for Speed series, without straying too much away from racing. 

Need for Speed gamers will spot a few Easter Eggs and the cop chases will also be a treat, with some insane crashes. The slow-mo action reminded me a lot of the games and the first-person cam action with the interface was exactly like in the games.

I really enjoyed it and I hope to see a sequel to this and hopefully even a long-running series of movies. 

Do you have the Need for Speed? (Sorry.. I just love doing that..)