Saturday 19 April 2014

Wondercon 2014 Pop Culture Shock's Pics

Woke up this Saturday morning to lots of pics from one of my favourite collectible Statue companies; Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. I am a big fan of their Mortal Kombat pieces so was hoping to see some reveals and teasers.

They did a reveal for the MK9 Baraka a while back and he was on show at Wondercon..

Looks so badass! Baraka's my favourite non-boss villain after the ninjas so definitely gonna get him.

There were some teaser pics of Liu Kang before this but this is the first time we see a full reveal of him from the Klassic line.

Looking good too! Looks like we will have real fabric for the clothes just like the rest of the Klassic statues. From the back, he looks so much like Bruce Lee! But yes.. the Liu Kang character was inspired by the Legendary Bruce Lee after all.

More pics..

Then there's the Life-Size Scorpion Bust!

Oh so stunning!

I think there was a Goro on display as well, and there should be the ninjas on display too but those who attended said it wasn't on display. Maybe they will be rotated and go on display tomorrow.

Also for Street Fighter fans!

So much awesomeness!


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