Friday 5 December 2014

Time for change..

I took 2 days leave from work earlier this week to clear my annual leave for this year. Apart from some Christmas shopping, Lots of gaming time I thought..

Wrong! We were at Ikea on Sunday to get some stuff for the house. Coincidentally, it happened to be Ikea's Birthday celebrations on that day itself and there were plenty of hot deals!

1 of it was the Lappland TV Storage Unit, Usual Price was SGD$299 and on that day it was SGD$179. Great price so.. my wife actually convinced me to get it.

Wife: Hey! Look at this.. Only $179! Good right? Let's get it.
Me: Yea, good deal.. but we already have a TV Console..
Wife: For your gaming room, can put all your Playstations, games & toys..
Me: Oh yea... Really? You don't mind me getting more stuff for the gaming room
Wife: It's a good deal, don't think we can get this price again. Besides, you need more shelving for your stuff. It's so messy
Me: O....kay..!

So we got it and decided to fix it up ourselves.

So on Tuesday, we cleared up the room and went about fixing up the shelf..

Few hours later.. Tada!!

Great place to display a lot of my figures on the top of it. Will be moving some of them over to my collection room at my parents' place so that it will be more organised.

I love how it looks but I'm worried about the dust so not gonna leave them up there for too long.

The PS3 Collection

and the PS4/PS Vita Collection (Missing my PS Vita)

Looking good, still a bit of tidying up today but I love how everything is so organised now.

Loving it!