Wednesday 25 November 2015

Where to buy Bloodborne Old Hunters Edition?

Got a few questions coming in from friends overseas on where they can purchase the physical disc for the Asia-only Bloodborne Old Hunters Edition. (The edition with the original Bloodborne game packed with the Old Hunters Expansion).

So yea, just to share with you guys.. You can get it from Play-Asia. (Affiliate Links below, for those who wanna say thanks! ;) So shameful of me.. ) 

Bloodborne The Old Hunters Edition (Chinese & English Subs)

and for those looking for the Japan-Exclusive Limited Edition, which comes with the Old Hunters Edition as above, Guide Book & Mini-Soundtrack CD.

There won't be a problem using different region discs as all PlayStation 4 Consoles can play any Region discs. They are also having a sale for the US Region disc for the orignal game at US$25.99 if you prefer that.


I have purchased lots of games from them myself, so I can vouch that they are a reliable site. Have fun Monster-Hunting, friends!