Monday 7 December 2015

Syco Collectibles' Scorpion 1:2 Bust Collection Pics

Had this for quite a while already so can't believe I'm only post pics now. 

This 1:2 Scorpion Bust was produced by the now-defunct Syco Collectibles. I think it was the only Bust that they released. They had a Shao Kahn one in production but as far as I know, it wasn't publicly released.

Anyway some pics of the Scorpion Bust..

Pretty awesome! Some closeup pics..

and some pics of the base..

Looking at it again after so long just makes me want to keep it. I also have the PCS Collectibles' 1:1 Scorpion Bust but still love this piece. I have got a couple of offers for this so I had to take pics of it, for the buyer but if the deal doesn't go through, I would be glad to keep him after all. Let's see how it goes..