Monday 15 February 2016

Toy Fair 2016: McFarlane's Assassin's Creed Figures update (Series 5 and 7" Figures)

Toy Fair 2016 happened over the weekend and here's some pics and updates from the McFarlane Toys' booth!

Series 5 figures are next and here are the pics..

While it's great to see the line continuing with yet another series of figures, got to honestly say this is the most boring line up to now. 

The Jacob Frye figure is probably the saving grace. The unhooded look was a major part of the game so it will relate more to the fans. 

Though there's a national pride theme with this series, Ezio's and Connor's alternate outfits are not the most iconic. Ezio in his Armour of Brutus outfit is dying to be made and Connor has probaby too many variants already.

Who knows? They might sneak in a Evie Frye figure into Series 5 similar to the hooded Jacob Frye figure, that was a strangely quiet release.

Speaking of Connor, McFarlane Toys revealed their new "Color Tops Collector Program" which will consist of figures at 7" tall with about 15 points of articulation.

The figures will come in a new box

The first Assassin's Creed in this new line will be Connor. (Must be some American love or something..)

"NOTE: The above Connor figure prototype is shown without his hood. The final figure will come with a hood like you see in the packaging behind it."

This looks good! Though it's just a little bit bigger than the original lines, this bigger figure looks a lot better. Hopefully the production pieces turn out just as good.

The question now is.. What happens to the original 6" figures? After Series 5, will there be more or is it going to be totally scrapped?

It also looks like the previously shown Assassin's Creed Movie and Shay Cormac Figures will be part of this bigger line..

Interesting to see where this goes but it will be disappointing news if the original figure line is stopped. Thought we had a good collection going with those. Will be annoying if they end that line and all the characters are going to be re-released in this bigger form..

What do you guys think?

Leaving you with a few more previously released items..


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