Wednesday 30 March 2016

Pimping my Console!

Bought some accessories recently to pimp up my PS4 console and my Headset..

Got this Grand Theft Auto V HDD Bay cover!

Been looking for this, ever since it's original release in Japan only. Managed to find a local seller who were able to import these in. I have my doubts if this is the real thing but it looks exactly like the original. Could be from the same factory?

Either way, this is definitely way more classier than the bright coloured ones they sell locally.

Also bought these and managed to ship it in, with help from a US friend... The inFamous: Second Son Headset Face Plates..

These were easily available in the US so wasn't too hard tracking these down. 

Really don't get why Sony isn't making more of these for their different games. These should be a popular sell, if you ask me..

Just some changes to my otherwise all-black gaming accessories!