Friday 22 July 2016

SDCC 2016: Gentle Giant - Warcraft & Horizon Dawn

Gentle Giant had their statues from the Warcraft Movie on display as well as their Horizon: Zero Dawn statue from the Collector's Edition.

Checked out my post on the Warcraft Movie?? Loved it, so I have been in the lookout for some collectibles based on the movie..

Gentle Giant's Warcraft statues are pretty cool, especially the Gul'dan & Orgrim Doomhammer ones..

These 2 turned out really well, been considering getting these but it's a bit pricey for their sizes..

Not very convinced with the other 2 however..

I feel that Lothar's likeness can be improved, along with Durotan whose pose is a bit awkward. So, just not very convinced with the line as a whole, as of now.. and the price.. really putting me off these statues..

Also, the Horizon: Zero Dawn statue that will be included in the Video Game Collector's Edition..

Looks good, will definitely get this if I'm getting the game.. 

Source: ToyArk