Wednesday 5 October 2016

Damtoys & Phicen reveal Warcraft Movie Statues

Damtoys & Phicen finally revealed the long-awaited Warcraft statues based on the recent movie.. And boy was it worth the wait!

I think there was some confusion initially that all statues on display were by Damtoys but I managed to get into contact with a rep Damtoys, and they have confirmed that Damtoys and Phicen are separate companies but both will be doing 1/4 and 1/3 statues from the Warcraft movie, but different characters.

Only Gul'dan & Orgrim Doomhammer are produced by Damtoys are in 1/4 scale. The rest are by Phicen with a couple of 1/3 pieces (Yet to be confirmed)

Choosing to go mixed-media, the details and movie accuracy is remarkable! Below are some pics from various sources at the recent China CICF convention. All photos are not mine, all credit goes to the respective uploaders..

Damtoys - Gul'dan

Damtoys - Orgrim Doomhammer

Phicen - Durotan

Phicen - Garona

Phicen - Garona (Armoured)

Phicen - Khadgar

Phicen - Axe of Durotan

I think everything looks crazy detailed. The details on the hair, fur & their outfits are just amazing. From the pics alone, I think they look almost perfect. The armoured Garona seems to have her head turned a bit way too much however.

Not sure what scale these are but the Durotan & Garona looks to be 1/3. The armoured Garona & Khadgar are 1/4?

When Weta Workshop and Gentle Giant showed off their Warcraft statues at SDCC 2016, I was itching to pre-order something but wanted to see what Damtoys and Phicen would come up with.. and from the looks of these, looks like it was a good decision to wait.

Will also be interesting to see how these 2 companies split up the statues between them, considering both are doing the same license, scale & probably targeting the same regional market. The good thing is they look like they could be displayed alongside each other.

No details on pre-orders yet but I will be watching these closely. These have turned out better than expected!