Friday 21 July 2017

Blog Update - 20 July 2017

So hey everybody.. as you might have noticed.. the blog has gone pretty quiet recently due to the Bull Crap Shit that Photobucket pulled on everyone.. Almost all pics are gone from the site and it looks really bad.

I have been looking into possibilities of recovering the pics with minimal hassle
but there doesn't seem to be a solution apart from migrating all the pics and then re-linking it pic by pic.. Even if I do finally migrate to another image hosting site, there's no guarantee we won't see a repeat of Photobucket's Ransom-ware Business Model..

This also brought the question of whether I should even continue the blog since it doesn't seem to be worth the trouble..

..but remembering all the friends I have made over the years through the blog makes me want to go on.. and there's always so much I want to share with you guys.. Especially with SDCC2017 starting now.. I can't bear to drop the blog!

So, if you guys can be patient with me, I'll be back on the blog in full force.. I'm trying out Google Drive to store and share any new photos for while.. If this works out fine, I'll start migrating all the old pics over slowly for the blog to be "fully pictured" once again!

Meanwhile, I'll be sharing some new games I'm playing.. pics of new collectibles I have received & lots more! Stay with me peeps!