Wednesday 6 December 2017

Dead by Daylight updates for Console - 06 Dec 2017

Updates from Stream #80 and there's some very good news for Console Players!

Firstly, the Head Case items will be coming to Consoles as a paid DLC!

How much exactly isn't mentioned as it will vary for different regions but Steam has it at $3.50 so not too expensive for some cool customization items.

You can take a look at the full list below to see if you like it enough to fork out the cash. It comes as a pack so you can't buy individual items. These items are only for survivors so it might not be something for you if you are a Killer player.

Dwight Fairfield

Meg Thomas

Claudette Morel

Jake Park

Nea Karlsson

Ace Visconti

Jake is my go-to survivor but nope not going to use that man-bun at all!

That's not all.. The Anniversary items will also be coming to consoles for.. wait for it... FREE!

This time, both Killers and Survivors will get something! Both sets of items look cool but I'm very excited for the Killer items as I play the Killer mostly..

This will be added automatically to the game in the next patch.. soon!

The usual Road Map & Bug Fixes.

Other Updates

- The team will be at Playstation Experience and attendees will be able to play the game.
- Optimisation for FPS on Consoles is also being worked on.
- More cosmetic items for Killers will be coming!
- Some perks will be re-worked

That's all for this week! I'm so looking forward to the new customization items and I hope you are too! Are you guys going to buy the Head Case DLC or is that a pass for you? As always, let me know in the comments below.