Friday 18 May 2018

Detroit: Become Human Limited Premium Edition revealed!

A very rare Limited Premium Edition for Detroit: Become Human is up for pre-order.

Personally, I haven't seen many places that has this up for pre-order. There's a few local stores that have it but that's about it. 

Play-Asia has it for order and offer international shipping, though. They usually have very limited stock so if you want it, do grab it quick.

Here's the Affiliate Link to it. If you do intend to buy it, I would be grateful if you can use the Affiliate Link below to purchase and I will receive some commission for that.

The Limited Premium Edition comes with:

- PS4 Copy of the Game
- Limited Edition Special Artbook
- Original Digital Soundtrack
- PS4 Original Theme
- Sticker

Who's getting it and are you getting the game?