Thursday 21 June 2018

E3 2018: What we know of Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey was at E3 2018 and we got a ton of info about what the next installment will bring for us players..

A lot of exciting stuff... Game looks a lot like AC Origins. Definitely the same engine but there's many additions that promises AC Odyssey to be a bigger and better game. 

Below is a summary of all the pieces of info the developers revealed at E3.

AC Odyssey is set in Ancient Greece, at around 431 BC, during the Peloponnesian War.

- The game has been worked on for 3 years by Ubisoft Quebec, which also worked on AC Syndicate, along with help from 9 other studios.

- There won't be Assassins or Templars but there will be the power struggle between Order and Freedom like in a lot of AC games.

- You will be able to play as either a male (Alexios) or a female (Kassandra) character.

- AC Origins was the origin story of the Assassin Brotherhood but AC Odyssey is a story set 400 years before AC Origins, with the emphasis on the First Civilization

- Your character will wield a First Civilization Spear, which was handed over by his/her grandfather, King Leonidas of Sparta.

- The Spear is also used as an assassination weapon, and there will be no hidden blade in this game.

AC Origins and AC Odyssey are a "2-steps transition" towards making a Assassin's Creed RPG game.

- Who you play as, will not change the story but will be more of a role-play experience.

- To enhance the role-play experience, there will be dialogue (and romance) options.

- Your dialogue choices will give you different endings and different relationships with characters.

- Romancing varies from character to character, some are more easily available, others will need more 'work'.

- As either character, you will also be able to romance both male & female characters.

- The game has a mechanic that will allow Socrates to monitor and question the choices that the player makes.

AC Oydssey will also have a 5-gear armour system.

AC Odyssey's combat system will be tweaked and built on upon what AC Origins had.

- Weapons choices will include swords, daggers, heavy blunts, bows & more.

- The shield has been removed to make the combat more dynamic and more offensive.

- Enemy mercenaries will have their own set of lootable items.

- There will be a hood that the characters can wear, for fans who prefer the "Assassin" look.

- Conquest battles will feature 150 vs 150 people.

- Conquest Battles will feature objectives like taking down the enemy commander.

- Some of the best loot in the game can be found as rewards in Conquest Battles.

- You can "Sparta-kick" someone off cliffs, mountains, ledges and even into the seas.

- You will own a ship and can recruit 'almost anyone' in the world as your crew.

- There will be level progression and customization for your ship.

- Naval Combat will feature 'boarding' like what we had in AC IV.

- If you gather enough speed, you can ram right through a ship and 'cleave it in half'.

- In AC Odyssey, you will be able to explore the Aegean sea.

- When you are in and around the sea, it seamless and there's no loading screens.

- Sharks can be found in the seas. Enemies that fall into seas will be attacked by the sharks,

- Huge skill tree that you can invest in, to customize your play-style and special abilities.

- There are 'Assassin' abilities like the 'Rush Assassination' where you will throw the spear into an enemy and 'almost' teleport next to him and chain this ability.

- The horse can be called and if you press the d-pad down, you can hop directly on the horse.

- Standing on your horse and jumping off to a ledge or doing an assassination will also be possible. 

- AC Odyssey's map is more than twice the size of AC Origins.

- You can tame animals like lions.

- AC Odyssey will also feature many under-ground areas.

- Greek Mythology will also be explored.

- AC Odyssey's modern-day plot will continue the story of Layla Hassan, from AC Origins

- Modern-day stuff will be optional but players will get more out of it.

Very cool stuff  so far, I do have my concerns about the game deviating from the Assassins  but I also believe that the Assassin's Creed franchise is more than just about the AC Brotherhood and the First Civilization is an integral part of it.

I hope they do link it up well and I'm expecting the modern day plot to carry on the story in a good way. 

While there are still reservations, I'm still excited for AC Odyssey as a game on its own. Wishing for Photo Mode as well!

Of course, if you have seen or read any info that I might have missed, do let me know in the comments below!