Wednesday 12 September 2018

STGCC 2018 - 2 Days of Awesomeness, Loot & Signings!

STGCC 2018! Singapore's very own comic con was held over the weekend and I had a wonderful and fun time!

There were so many amazing collectibles to check out, artists to meet and freebies to win!

I have always missed out on how enjoyable the Artist Gallery is, largely due to the fact I don't buy or read Marvel/DC comics but this year it changed..

After Free Comic Book Day, I have started to read some titles and have bought a few issues. Mostly Venom!

It was great fun meeting the artists behind these amazing art and talking to them about the inspirations behind their art.

The artists were even happy to sign the comics I brought to the convention!

Lovely stuff!

My new-found love for comics also brought me to the Singapore Comics Community Booth where there were some amazing local artists giving out sketchcards of their work!

Got this very cool Venom Sketch from Amran Medgen!

More freebies!

Including a Venom Mask for using the Venom Facebook Camera..

Well.. if you couldn't already tell, I'm a Venom fan and just absolutely loved this app. Had great fun with it!

As always, there were plenty of collectibles from the big companies..

XM Studios did this pieces based off one of David Finch's art and my god.. this was simply stunning. It's not as if XM Studios haven't tried anything ambitious but this piece is just mind-blowing. Say what you want about the price or size, this is something a hardcore Batman fan has to own!

Wow but I'll stick with my video-game collection, thank you very much!

This, on the other hand, has been on my wishlist for a while..

The Spider-Man Advanced Suit 1/6 figure from Hot Toys, based on the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game. Came very close to putting down my deposit for this but someone backed out off a sale so still lacking the funds for it. 

It's only releasing next year so I should be able to afford it hopefully. Surprisingly, not everyone seems to like the design but I love it! 

Took a ton of pics but I didn't upload all of it here to keep it short and sweet but you can catch the rest of the pics over at my Instagram

Commissioned art pieces is something that I was seriously checking out at the con but my indecisiveness, the price and just how hard it is to get into the artists' queue are some of the reasons why I haven't gotten one yet. Still, I hope to own a commissioned art piece some day.

Some of the regular booths that I have seen in recent years seem to have skipped this year's convention but I still enjoyed myself a lot, largely due to my new interest in comics. Not planning to go deep into comic collecting but you know me... If you go in, you go deep!

Check out my Venom Comic Collection though!

Also it was great meeting friends at the convention, some of whom I seem to meet only yearly at the cons haha but always good catching up with you guys!

Till next year's STGCC!