Sunday 21 October 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man New Game+ update brings puddles, trophies & more.

A new update comes to Marvel's Spider-Man bringing the New Game+ mode, a new difficulty & more!

But of course, the biggest, most significant & most requested for addition was... Water Puddles!!

Ok.. just kidding.. but yes, they have added some new stickers to Photo Mode where you can add water puddles to your pics..

New Game+ and a new Ultimate Difficulty mode has been added to the game, which you can access after completing the story..

2 new trophies have also been added with this update..

I was already keen to have a go at New Game+ and this just makes it more worthwhile. 

Several new frames have also been added with this update for those who enjoy Photo Mode.. *cough cough*.

Fun stuff! 

With the 1st DLC for the game coming out in a few days, I'll be looking to complete that first before I tackle these new trophies especially with a certain cowboy game releasing later this week. 

What do you guys think about this update? Let me know!