Sunday 3 March 2019

Darksiders 3 Apocalypse Edition Collection Pics

Presenting what is probably the largest Collector's Edition to be released!

Darksiders 3's Apocalypse Edition is probably the largest CE ever to be released to the public.. really can't think of any other CE that is this big. At least, the largest I have ever bought!

CEs are very popular mainly because of the statues that are included and this Apocalypse Edition has 4!

Each statue comes in their very own box.

Before we get to those, lets check out the other contents..

One of the nicest soundtrack cases I have seen. The Soundtrack CD is actually placed in the Steelbook but since this has a slip for it, thought it would be better to place it here.

Nice art both on the cover and the interior for this Steelbook.

The Game

Kratos, is that you..? Beautiful, beautiful art.. I have always loved the art of the Darksiders games and this book has a lot of awesomeness..

As much as this is nice, I'm still looking forward to the "Art of Darksiders" books which will showcase a lot more art from these games.


The Wall Scroll... It's huge and I really like it for the art.. but that said, I wish there were similar ones for the previous 2 games/characters... Perhaps in the future?

Amulet of the Darksiders emblem.

On to the statues..

War Statue

Had a small problem with my War Statue, where there was some peg inside the base's peg hole.

Thankfully, it was easily removed with a small pair of pliers.

Once this was removed, the Statue fit perfectly into the base. Phew!

Death Statue

Fury Statue

Vulgrim Statue

Vulgrim is the only character that isn't part of the 4 Horsemen but he's still an important character in the Darksiders Universe. 

In a weird sort of way, if they had replaced Vulgrim with Strife as the last statue, this would have been the perfect Collector's Edition. Imagine all 4 Horsemen statues, something that I have been wanting for a very, very long time.

Instead, we have 3 now, waiting for the last one.

But of course, the reason behind that is most likely because a Strife Statue will need to be included in Darksiders 4.

Apart from that, I think this is one badass Collector's Edition. Pretty expensive however and looking at how each Statue was packed, I'm kind of expecting that these will be individually released, similar to the Death Statue that is available.

Still a very nice CE which I really love because of the games!

What do you guys think of this? Was it worth the money or just one of those CEs that is just over-priced..

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