Saturday 6 April 2019

Marvel's Gamerverse Spider-Man & Mister Negative Figure 2-Pack Collection Pics

My interest in the Marvel's Gamerverse is definitely increasing as time goes.. 

Got these just yesterday to add to the growing collection!

The 2 figures of Spider-Man & Mister Negative comes in a 2-pack..

I got too excited when I saw the package and opened it without taking pics so here's one I grabbed off the Internet.

Produced by Hasbro, these are smaller 3.75 inch tall figures than what I usually buy, but I wanted something and these were not too costly.

Spider-Man comes with a web accessory that you can do this with..


That is the only accessory that comes in the pack so there's not a lot to play with. Still.. for the price, these are actually pretty decent figures that you can get to show your love for the game. Hoping they release more of the other villains in the game or maybe even Spider-Man in other outfits.

I'm happy with these, especially for the price I paid.. This will ease my itch till some of the other figures are released.

Oh and if you are wondering what the comic behind is.. 

The Spider-Man: City at War Comic #1 that is based on the PS4 game! Will post more pics of that soon!

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