Saturday 18 May 2019

Prime 1 Studio announces God of War Statues

Fantastic News! Prime 1 Studio announces statues for the Playstation 4 hit, God of War! So happy to see this!

While the announcement itself came out of the blue, this has been in the talks for a long time. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait too long to see the statues.

Prime 1 Studio have already uploaded lots of pics of their God of War Statues which you can see below..

2 Statues have been revealed.. 1 will be feature both Kratos and Atreus.. and the other is Baldur. Both statues can be placed together to form an epic diorama.

Love this scene! Is this one of the best Boss Fights I have ever played? I don't want to jump the gun but I could say probably..

It certainly isn't the most epic in terms of scale but for me it was a very emotional fight... A total stranger coming after Kratos right after he loses the mother of his child and he seems to know who Kratos really is... So there I was thinking.. Well this is the first fight of the game, shouldn't be too tough, right? And there Kratos goes, giving him a pummeling, and yet this guy keeps getting up again and again. 

Then there was the part where the fight goes to their home and the Stranger asks why there are 2 beds.. and as player I felt that "oh, shit" moment.. Just wow, so much thought went into creating this fight and it was so draining at the end of it. This is definitely going to be a memorable fight even after many years. So glad that Prime 1 Studio chose to make this dynamic diorama, instead of another stoic pose.  If the price permits, I'm definitely getting this!

No price or release dates revealed yet at this moment. Both statues can be displayed separately as well but I don't see how Baldur can be displayed on its own without looking weird.