Thursday 20 June 2019

RDR Online: (Jun 11- Jun 17) Sport of Kings, 30% XP Boost and Care Packages

A new Game Mode, XP Boost and Care Packages for hitting certain Levels!

Another week of RDR Online, out of Beta, with new stuff!

New Showdown mode - Sport of Kings.

I love this new mode! Maximum of 4v4 where players are on horseback with only a Sawed-off Shotgun. Players have to grab the torch and run through several checkpoints to earn points. 

Very fun! Pretty much playing this all week, only stopping for a breather.

Care Packages - For this 2 weeks, if you hit Level 10 or Level 20, you will receive a Care Package..

Level 10 Bonus Care Package

- 20 Small Game Arrows
- 20 Fire Arrows
- 20 Poison Arrows
- 5 Predator Bait
- 5 Herbivore Bait

Level 20 Bonus Care Package

- 3 Minty Big Game Meat
- 3 Oregano Big Game Meat
- 3 Thyme Big Game Meat
- 10 Baked Beans 
- 10 Corned Beef
- 10 Canned Salmon 
- 5 Jolly Jack's
- 5 Cocaine Gum
- 5 Moonshine 
- 5 Gin 
- 5 Guarma Rum 
- 5 Fine Brandy

30% XP Boost - XP Boost was active last week on all activities to help players hit these target levels. Managed to hit Level 20 myself just barely so was really happy to have this.

PS4 Exclusive Rewards - PS4 Players with an active PS Plus membership will receive exclusive monthly benefits. So that's definitely one benefit of playing on the PS4 console. These rewards will change monthly so do check back often.

Login between June 10 - July 8 to receive 3 treasure maps on RDR Online.

The first 3 were the ones I got (Should be the same for everyone?). 

The Bard's Crossing treasure map was from something else and since they are piling up, I better go clear that one up.

Gave my character a new look.. Thought the previous look was really trashy.. Definitely better now!

Having fun, do come join me on RDR Online and if you are from Singapore, do join my Singapore Crew, Temasek Thugs!

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