Wednesday 24 July 2019

Marvel's Spider-Man: City At War #2 Gamerverse Collection Pics

Issue 2 of the Gamerverse City of War comic is here with all 3 variants!

More beautiful art covers of my favourite Spider-Man suit!

Standard Cover (Clayton Crain)

1:25 Variant (Marco Checchetto)

1:50 Variant (David Nakayama)

The 1:50 variant by David Nakayama features another Sinister Six member from the game.

The story continues from the first issue and the focus shifts to Miles Morales with some additional scenes which explores his fanboy-ism for Spider-Man.

Scenes from the game include Spidey meeting Miles' dad, Officer Davis and his tragedy, which results in the first meeting between Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

If you have been following Gamerverse news, you might also have realised that the villain Spider-Man is fighting is Swarm who is also set to be the supervillain Spidey will be facing in the upcoming Spider-Man: Velocity comic. Definitely a nice tease!

There's also some concept art and comments from the game's creative team on the last page, which is a cool extra bonus for those who have played the game and are following it up with these comics.

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