Wednesday 6 May 2020

Borderlands: FL4K 1/6 Statue Diorama from Level 52 Studios

Level 52 Studios announced on their Facebook Page back in Sep 1 2019 that they have acquired the Borderlands license and will be producing action-heavy 1/6th scale dioramas from not only Borderlands 3 but the previous Borderlands game as well!

We now have the very first diorama up for pre-order and it's the Beast Master, FL4K with his trusty Jabber. Take a look at the pics below..

Titled FL4K - A Good Hunt
Fl4k and their trusty Jabber companion close in on a Hag in this extraordinary 1:6 diorama, chock full of action-packed hunter glory. No detail is spared in this limited edition work of art, down to the buttons on Fl4k’s quilted jacket and the Hag’s glinting gold tooth. Even its composition reflects the frenetic energy of the Borderlands franchise, featuring characters tumbling across a field of Pandoran detritus, each painstakingly rendered in the game’s signature illustrative art style.
This gargantuan monument to the magnificence of Borderlands combat stands 23” tall, making it an undeniably impressive centerpiece for any gamer’s collection. Each statue arrives in premium art box packaging for extra collectability.
Estimated Release Date: Q4 2020
Price: USD$649.99
Pre-order: Level 52 Studios' shop

This is up for pre-order right now and there are several payment plans on their store. From what I have checked, they will be able to ship internationally.

Oh man, been waiting for really cool Borderlands collectibles for a long time and this looks to be it. Action-packed diorama and vibrant art style just like the game. The price is high but you got to admit this looks impressive.

Considering FL4K is my favourite character from the Borderlands 3 game, I just might get this!

What do you guys think of this? Let me know!


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