Saturday 6 June 2020

Collection Pics: God of War 1/6 Statue Diorama

Some pics of the God of War 1/6 Statue Diorama from Playstation Gear Store.

The diorama features Kratos and Atreus just after taking down a troll, one of the enemies from the game.

Let's take a look at the pics below..

Similar to previous statues from the Playstation Gear store, there's no fancy artwork but just the Playstation logo.

This particular piece is an Internal Sample that was gifted to me by Gary, Sr. Manager- Multimedia Service Group at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Can't thank him enough for this!

More pics of the base, with a beheaded troll..

Very nice details and adds a special touch to this diorama. Very grotesque but not over the top gory,

More pics of Kratos and Atreus.

Very nice diorama, both look very calm after taking down 1 enemy but still ready for another kill as it looks like they are facing another enemy. Kratos' left hand posture portrays his protectiveness over Atreus, gesturing him to stay back. However, you can also see Atreus ready to fire his bow as Kratos has taught him well. 

Love it, minor details put into the statue that is very reminiscent of the game.

Kratos' eyes definitely look better in person than the pics show. Love the details on the weapons and their outfits. Face sculpt isn't perfect, but I think they got it pretty spot-on.

Here is how it looks in comparison to other God of War figures..

What a presence it has! Amazing, amazing statue!