Thursday 17 February 2022

Marvel's Avengers: January's Shipment Specialty Item - MCU Captain America: Civil War Outfit (Hawkeye)

 Another month, another Shipment Specialty Item brought out by Marvel's Avengers. January saw Hawkeye get the Captain America: Civil War Outfit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

No change to the requirement.. players still had to open 100 shipments, with a small chance to get it earlier, to unlock this outfit.

If you are asking, yes I had to open all 100 shipments to get mine.. no luck here!

That was a crazy grind but managed to do it. For those who are looking for a guide on how to earn units quickly in the game, you can check out my previous post.

Check out my screenshots showing off this awesome outfit!

Oh and if you are looking for the rest of the outfits, emotes, nameplates etc that were available to unlock in January's shipments, you can check out the vid below!

Nice to see some of the MCU outfits being unlockable through units instead of actual cash/credits. That said, I'm also hoping to see some original designs just like last month's Wakandan Stealth outfit for Iron Man. 

Thanks again for checking it out! Do give a like or comment to show your appreciation if you enjoyed this post. Waiting to unlock Feb's shipment reward and will be back with another update!