Thursday 27 September 2012

Borderlands 2 is here! Time to Shoot and Loot!

Finally got my Borderlands 2 game! Decided to import mine from UK as there were bonus skins for customization if you had a saved game from the original Borderlands. Wasn't sure if a R3 BL2 disc was going to detect my R2 BL1 saved game so just decided to play it safe. Sucks that it took so long to arrive though.

Managed to get some game time with 2 of my friends from the first game. Game's good. Managed to check out the game before it was released during the Borderlands 2 Fan Night in Singapore so no huge surprises here. Already raved about how good the game was, so it wasn't like I was playing a brand new game and going wow!

The original Borderlands game was awesome. Was expecting it to be fun but it blew my mind when I played through it. The sequel does well to magnify all the good stuff and correct most of the little issues. There are a few things in the game that still bugs me though. Holding on the square button too long on a newly dropped gun will swap it with your active one. Holding square is also the button used to pick all ammo and cash in an area. This sucks when you don't actually want to equip the new gun and you have to go to your inventory to swap it back out.

But things like that are just minor annoyances rather than a huge problem in the game. Definitely not a reason to choose not to get this game if you are still making up your mind. This is one game that you shouldn't miss out. Like they say, do bring friends. The game is tougher than the first. Bloody roll-dodging psycho bandits.

Only managed to get up to Level 7 so far. Will post more opinions on the game when I get more game time. Ciao!