Tuesday 25 September 2012

Reaching Legendary Rank on Max Payne 3

Finally managed to reach Level 50 and passed on into Legendary Rank 1 in the last week. Took me quite a while even though I had been playing Max Payne 3 Multiplayer mode actively.

Some of you may wanna know what's the advantages and disadvantages of passing into Legend. So here you go. A look into Legend ranks from your very own J Veron ;)

Before passing into Legend, you should be aware that you will lose several items that would put you at a disadvantage in your next online match. Below are the things that you lose when you pass into Legend.

Cash - All those unused cash that you loot or earn will go poof. You start back from $0 so you won't be able to purchase all the items and weapons that you have unlocked. However, this isn't a very bad thing since you will be losing all the items that you purchased anyway when you hit the "Pass into Legend" button.

Weapons - Leveled up your M10 or M4 assault rifle to level 10? Unlocked that Desert Eagle after finally reaching level 40? Well you gonna lose it all again. Everything resets back to when you first started multiplayer. And remember you won't even be able to choose your own loadout until level 4. Back to those preset loadouts.

Items and Bursts - Also gone. As mentioned before, even if you didn't spend your cash on buying these items, you don't have to buy them before passing into Legend since you gonna lose them anyway.

Of course, it's not all about losing. While you don't gain anything that actually gives you an advantage in an online match, there are some perks for making that jump.

You unlock the "Respected" title for passing into Legend Rank 1. Various other titles such as "Living Legend", "Golden" await you with each Legend rank you pass into. At the moment, there are 10 Legend Levels. There is also a Death match avatar with each Legend level, all of which are different skins of Max Payne. You also get a new emblem beside your PSN ID that shows your current level.

One section that doesn't go through resetting is the Grinds. Your current completion level in the various Grinds is carried over when you pass into Legend. So if you are 5 melee kills away from completing the last stage of the Knockout Blow Grind, you don't have to fret. Mostly a good thing, but you won't be able to abuse the easy grinds for bonus XP. 

If you have unlocked Hardcore mode, that stays too. There's also a perk that allows you to earn a higher percentage of cash with each Legend Level but I'm not sure if it's automatic or if you have to equip a certain item for this.

Sure there isn't a great deal to gain by passing into Legend and I know that a lot of players opt not to. A level 20 player and a Legend rank 2 level 20 player has access to the same items and weapons. It's more of a bragging rights thing where you show off your Legend ranking and there's a wow factor when you have actually completed several Legend Levels.

That's pretty much everything you need to know about Legend Ranks in Max Payne 3 multiplayer. Hope this will help you make your decision if you are still undecided about making the jump..