Tuesday 30 October 2012

First of the AC3 Editions

Came back from work with the Need for Speed game to yet another game waiting for me at home..
Assassin's Creed 3 Ubiworkshop Edition!

Right on time even though I'll be playing the R2 game from the Freedom Edition which won't be here anytime soon.. Really like the package design.. makes it look like a real package from the Abstergo Industries sent to a secret agent..

Before I go on raving about this edition, I would have to say I'm very disappointed.. Nothing wrong with the bonus items, really liked them but I saw this on the parcel..

Did you see it? XBox 360? I don't own such a console so why would I buy a game for it? Wrong label perhaps?

Nah.. They screwed it up.. Why?!!

Will have to drop them a mail regarding this. Apparently quite a number of customers have received the wrong version as well..

Moving on.. 

The Subject 4 novel..
Typing out from memory.. This is a combination of The Fall and The Chain novels. Need some info from people who have The Fall Deluxe Edition. Are all the content in that included in this?

The Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia Second Edition

Just flipped through and I have to say.. Plenty of content in there.. A very thick book and very worth the money but then again this is a slightly improved version of the first edition. So I wonder how many more editions there will be of this Encyclopedia..

The Carte Blanches? Lithographs?

The first pic actually has 4 lithographs if you missed it.. I'm a sucker for consistency and completion so to have all 4 protagonists having a similar design is really nice. Will have to frame them up nicely and display them together. Have to say it again.. they look really nice together.. Hey, where's Aveline's lithograph? In the Encylopedia 3rd Edition perhaps?

The second lithograph is like a photo of a wall of someone searching for Desmond.. Interesting..

Combined pic of the entire edition
Really nice edition with plenty of content.. Definitely worth the money but they had to spoil mine with a XBox 360 game..

Will have to do minor cropping of the images tomorrow as well as add captions so check back again soon..

Edit (01 Nov): Images cropped and reflected..
Also received a mail back from UbiWorkshop stating they can arrange a swap and sent me a return label but the waiting time and a possibility that I may need to fork out a little bit more money made me decide to try selling it instead since this was meant to be an extra copy anyway.

Also forgot to mention that the 5 lithographs came in a sealed envelope. Sealed via glue so to take them out, I had to tear it open. (You might be able to spot it in the last pic). Could have used a better option so that we could have preserved the envelope..