Tuesday 9 October 2012

Mechromancer Skill Tree is out!

The skill tree for the Mechromancer class in Borderlands 2 is out. Click here to check it out.

Her action skill is the DeathTrap; a pet robot that flies around helping you take out your enemies. I had a chance to see her in action with her pet (that sounds so wrong..) back in August during the Borderlands 2 Preview Night and I was impressed. The Deathtrap seemed like a very cool and useful pet to have by your side in your quest through Pandora. But it's got better..

Taking a look at her skill tree, she has got me excited. Some very cool and interesting skills she has at her disposal. Not surprising as the Mechromancer class is only available as a paid DLC, unless you pre-ordered the game. (Why didn't you? They kept telling you to..). So they had to make her interesting enough to get players to part with the cash). 

Let's take a look at some of her more cool skill options:

Best Friends Forever Skill Tree

Close Enough: A chance for bullets that hit walls and other objects to riochet off toward an enemy. Bullets do reduced damage. Pretty cool eh? For those poor aimers, this will help!

Explosive Clap: Deathtrap causes an explosion that does explosive damage to all enemies around him. Hah! Saw this at the Preview Night as well.. Boom! And all enemies go flying away. Very very cool and damaging!

The Better Half: When your Magazine is half-empty or half-full (whatever you like to call it), your gun fire-rate increases. So your gun goes tat-tat-tat-tat then tattatattat. This will be a very useful 5 skill points.

Little Big Trouble Skill Tree

This tree is THE SHIT! There's so many kinds of win in here that I'm having trouble picking my favourites.

One Two Boom: Deathtrap shoots an orb, shoot that orb to make it explode and do massive shock damage. Depending how big and how fast the orb is, it might be a little tricky to pull it off but should be worth the trouble.

The Stare: Deathtrap fires a laser beam that does fire damage and a chance to ignite enemies. Burn you bitches!!

Shock Storm: An electrical storm occurs each time you kill an enemy with a critical strike or when Deathtrap kills an enemy. Gonna love seeing this one and The Stare happen at the same time.

Ordered Chaos Skill Tree

Seems like a very specialised skill tree. Since you have only 46 skill points to pump, might be best to either ignore it and pump only a few skill points or focus on this tree as your main.

Anarchy: Killing an enemy or emptying out your gun's magazine will grant you a stack of Anarchy. For every stack, you gain bonus gun damage but lose accuracy. Prematurely reloading your gun removes all stacks of Anarchy. This skill is the reason why I feel that players should either ignore this skill tree or fully focus on it. Quite a number of skills in this tree focus on this skill, Anarchy, either boosting it or depending on it. To fully utilize Anarchy to your advantage, I feel it's best to focus on this skill tree. Go check out the entire skill tree in the link above.

The Nth Bullet: Every 9th bullet that you fire will riochet toward another enemy. This skill and Close Enough is gonna send bullets flying all over the place. Haha!


Of course, these are only a handful of skills that are available to the Mechromancer Class. Do try out the skill tree calculator in the link above and see how your Mechromancer Skill Tree ends up. I'm currently playing as the Gunzerker but considering creating the Mechromancer as a 2nd character when she's out. The Mechromancer class DLC will be available on 16th 9th Oct and for those who don't have the pre-order bonus, it will cost about US $9.99 to download. 

Edit: The Mechromancer Class DLC was released as an early surprise on 9th Oct. Players who own the Premiere Club will be prompted to download a patch upon starting the game. Those who don't can purchase and download it on PSN.