Saturday 1 June 2013

Assassin's Creed IV Hidden Blade Replica Revealed!

The previously announced Hidden Blade Replica from McFarlane Toys has been revealed. Not to be confused with the NECA version which was a replica of Ezio's Hidden Blades.

This, of course, is of Edward Kenway who will be the Assassin protagonist in AC IV.

These are the features according to the listing at Gamestop:
- Realistic, intricately sculpted plastic blade
- Highly detailed simulated leather gauntlet
- Spring-loaded retractable plastic blade
- Blade trigger release and blade safety lock
- Includes Bonus Skull Buckle replica
- Item Dim: 16.5" H x 6"W X 4"D

The blade is made of plastic so.. Assassin-fanatics don't get any ideas.. It is listed at US$39.99 at Gamestop, fair price I guess.

So far, I have yet to see Edward using 2 hidden blades so yet to decide if I'll get one or 2 of these...That reminds me, I have yet to get the hidden blades from NECA. All these hidden blades in my home is going to get the family panicking..

Anyway. more pics.. (Click to enlarge)

 photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_1_zpsbedfc185.jpg  photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_3_zps8a09e793.jpg  photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_6_zpsaa0c35a5.jpg
 photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_2_zps6595724e.jpg  photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_4_zps75f962bc.jpg  photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_5_zpsade50526.jpg
 photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_7_zps52756bf7.jpg  photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_9_zps43b2c0d4.jpg  photo Edward_Kenway_Hidden_Blade_10_zps6cbb2de0.jpg

Source: Gamestop