Saturday 22 June 2013

Late Birthday present from the wife!

Got a really cool present from the wife for my birthday. She had already told me she wanted to get it for me but I had told her to hold on in case of a price drop at E3.

So 1 month later, it's here!
She got the entire bundle, PS Vita Wifi Set, a 16GB Memory Card and a digital $50 PSN card. Awesome!

First game I downloaded was GTA: Vice City Stories. I was planning to play through the entire GTA series in chronological order as a build-up to GTA V but that seems to be a long shot. Technically, that's a PSP game so I'm looking out for some good PS Vita games. AC: Liberation and Mortal Kombat are my top priorities but the cross-play and cross-buy features, will be something to consider in other purchases.

Definitely a good time to get a PS Vita now as it will give me ample time to familiarize with the  features before I get a PS4. 
Awesome stuff, can't wait to check out the best that the Vita has to offer!