Sunday 4 August 2013

Bad luck strikes!

Bought this cool figure from a local seller on eBay and collected it on Thursday.

Looks pretty cool from the outside. Had been hesitating getting this but it looks a lot better in person. Very nicely detailed and it's rather big. 

It all went downhill after that.. Opened the box and to my horror, I saw the figure parts all disconnected..

The ball joints at the head and upper torso were not connected.. Thinking it's a small issue, I tried plugging them back but it didn't feel tight enough. Joints were very loose and even the legs joints were loose. Not what I was expecting after seeing several Youtube videos.

I could barely get him to stand but managed to get this picture before he toppled over..

Fantastic-looking figure but I got a defective one. Trying to get a refund back from the seller. Hope it all turns out well...

Bull Crap Shit!!