Monday 19 August 2013

Payday 2 Career Criminal Collectors' Edition

Managed to get the Payday 2 Collectors' Edition finally. Had a few hiccups on the way but here it is!

No. 7512 of 20,000! 
This Collector's Edition was actually advertised as being limited to 50,000 units. I did manage to see the XBox 360 version in the store which was stated as "30,000 unit Limited Edition production" at the bottom.. So there you have your 50k units (20k PS3 + 30k XBox360).

My disc was Region 1 so it's anyone's guess if the 50k included Region 2 discs or if they had a different count. Anyone has info on this? 

Anyway just some info for those who wanted to know.. Let's get on with the contents!

The $100 bill wallet and the game
A wallet designed to look like a $100 bill!
From what I read, the wallet is made of Tyvek Material, pretty good quality but probably not going to replace my wallet for this. 

The soundtrack with 14 tracks
The box of goodies!
Opening up the box...
The mask...
The surgical gloves...
All the contents...
Overall a pretty cool Collector's Edition. Definitely worth it if you are a fan of themed merchandise or items that look like they came straight out of the game. Especially for the price, this makes a decent Collectors' Edition. All the items will go well with the other Payday Promo items I got. 

But something's fishy though.. I don't see any DLC code to redeem the Lootbag DLC that was supposed to be included. No card voucher, nothing on the manual either so I'm not sure what happened here... Anyone knows where I can find it?

Edit: Gonna send a mail to 505 Games support and see if they can help me with it. Apparently the DLC is given out by retailers only so my import copy doesn't come with one. Why advertise that all pre-orders will receive the Lootbag DLC then?

Anyway... I have always wanted to do this ever since I saw the contents of this Collectors' Edition..

Let's Rock!

Haha! The material used for the mask means you gotta adjust it properly onto your face. I have seen some horrible pics around but I think I make the mask look good!