Sunday 15 September 2013

PlayArts Connor & Edward Kenway figures Revealed

The latest 2 figures in the PlayArts Assassin's Creed line have been revealed.


Edward Kenway

Look pretty good. Couple of months back I wasn't too interested in the PlayArts figures but I think the Assassin's Creed ones look pretty good. I don't really like some of the paint app on some of the figures. Maybe it's due to their heads behind mostly covered so we won't have the same problem with these figures. 

I'm a little disappointed with the released pics though. Both Connor and Edward have the option to remove their hoods and replace it with "hair" for the unhooded look. However, the pics don't really show clear pics of the figure's faces. I'm considering 2 of each but not too confident on how the face sculpt will turn out so might stick to 1 each for now.

Pre-orders at most sites are open now if you are looking to get these.