Thursday 5 September 2013

STGCC 2013 Part 1 - Misc Photos.

Here's the first part of the photos I took at STGCC 2013. Decided to not start with Hot Toys and Play Imaginative as most of you would have probably seen them already. I will be putting them up so no worries if you haven't seen them.

I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked of the other booths and displays, as I got tired of pushing through the crowds half-way through the day. Oh well... here are some anyway..

The pics are in thumbnail format so that loading the page won't be a nightmare. Just click to enlarge!
Let's start with some life-sized displays of Iron Man 
(inc the Hall of Armour & the Midas Mark XII Armour)
 photo IMG_4136_zps12db49eb.jpg  photo IMG_4479_zps1207a55c.jpg
 photo IMG_4478_zps63ab5b1c.jpg  photo IMG_4103_zps977520a4.jpg
 photo IMG_4102_zps89c1ce80.jpg  photo IMG_4104_zps2d7f60f6.jpg  photo IMG_4296_zps69240445.jpg  photo IMG_4297_zps6378afeb.jpg
 photo IMG_4404_zpsaab0057c.jpg  photo IMG_4405_zpsbed1801a.jpg  photo IMG_4406_zpsff990a69.jpg  photo IMG_4407_zps32a376ea.jpg  photo IMG_4408_zps72957e41.jpg  photo IMG_4409_zps5c83eef0.jpg  photo IMG_4410_zps4fd9b938.jpg

Some stamp displays from SingPost
 photo IMG_4140_zps8744c858.jpg  photo IMG_4137_zps4dc46018.jpg  photo IMG_4138_zps17f1a1ac.jpg  photo IMG_4139_zpsdaee277f.jpg

Here's the 2nd statue in Adeeb Islam's, better known as HairyasHell, original character line.
The Thunderous Lightning
 photo IMG_4350_zpsb9f253ac.jpg
 photo IMG_4356_zpsdde98268.jpg  photo IMG_4357_zpsd3c09345.jpg
 photo IMG_4358_zps70b3bf5d.jpg  photo IMG_4360_zps65d2ec66.jpg  photo IMG_4355_zps325f2977.jpg  photo IMG_4361_zps126755d7.jpg
 photo IMG_4351_zps88463397.jpg  photo IMG_4514_zps91c95a0d.jpg  photo IMG_4359_zps1a7f6cfc.jpg
Last pic is of the first character in the series, The Unseen Darkness. Really awesome stuff! The characters are actually a mix of Greek Gods and DC characters. See if you can figure out who?
Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to chat with him. I wanted to ask him about his work at Ubisoft Singapore as well. 

Glory Glory Man Utd!!!
 photo IMG_4258_zps71e6dd88.jpg  photo IMG_4268_zpsd66af209.jpg  photo IMG_4259_zpseeaa1e43.jpg
 photo IMG_4274_zps9891c2de.jpg  photo IMG_4261_zpsfd75e223.jpg  photo IMG_4262_zps377aa6fe.jpg  photo IMG_4263_zpsf452a162.jpg  photo IMG_4264_zps911b3ff3.jpg  photo IMG_4265_zps185ce24e.jpg  photo IMG_4267_zpsa5f343c9.jpg

and the reveal of Robin Van Persie..
 photo IMG_4273_zps08a003b1.jpg  photo IMG_4269_zpsdc0e26ff.jpg
 photo IMG_4270_zpsd5e93ce8.jpg  photo IMG_4271_zps44243446.jpg  photo IMG_4272_zpsf0f6330a.jpg
His face likeness to the real thing doesn't seem to be as good as Rooney's and Giggs' though..

I did tell you that Iron Man was the theme of the convention right?
 photo IMG_4279_zps95903138.jpg  photo IMG_4283_zpsbbfc0d45.jpg
 photo IMG_4285_zps8e61c986.jpg  photo IMG_4284_zpsfa93f760.jpg  photo IMG_4280_zpsbfa52764.jpg  photo IMG_4281_zps0afc1ecb.jpg

Other Figures/Statues..
 photo IMG_4352_zps20c2f0ca.jpg  photo IMG_4353_zpsf0e4715a.jpg  photo IMG_4354_zpsb1974f3c.jpg  photo IMG_4362_zps53d51a75.jpg  photo IMG_4363_zpsb7fc627d.jpg  photo IMG_4364_zpsa5b13d53.jpg  photo IMG_4365_zps99e3186b.jpg  photo IMG_4368_zps04524c3a.jpg  photo IMG_4366_zpse20ae794.jpg
 photo IMG_4367_zpse1a19781.jpg  photo IMG_4369_zpsea6c336d.jpg
 photo IMG_4371_zps729ec1a1.jpg  photo IMG_4372_zpsb5682a6c.jpg  photo IMG_4373_zps001bf07f.jpg  photo IMG_4375_zpsc2754d94.jpg  photo IMG_4376_zpsfae632ab.jpg
 photo IMG_4374_zps6b96e2bd.jpg  photo IMG_4256_zpsd44357b2.jpg
 photo IMG_4255_zps5ec23874.jpg  photo IMG_4492_zps58d8f95b.jpg
 photo IMG_4346_zpsee2ce149.jpg  photo IMG_4347_zpseac2887b.jpg  photo IMG_4348_zpsd1b359d5.jpg
 photo IMG_4377_zps9657bdd0.jpg  photo IMG_4580_zps4eca3fab.jpg  photo IMG_4577_zps60037cc5.jpg  photo IMG_4579_zpsd84d1a96.jpg
 photo IMG_4277_zps6d0c38a7.jpg

More artwork from Keatopia!
 photo IMG_4349_zpsce1a4c6c.jpg  photo IMG_4378_zps0ff5288b.jpg  photo IMG_4380_zpsd2d466da.jpg
 photo IMG_4379_zps4b2c7c5e.jpg
Bought some Darksiders Art Prints from this booth. Really fantastic work! Hope to get more in future!

Joe Mad on the big screen!
 photo IMG_4420_zpsc3752083.jpg  photo IMG_4421_zpsdddf58c1.jpg  photo IMG_4423_zps35ff72e3.jpg  photo IMG_4424_zps63094ffe.jpg
Managed to get him to sign my Darksiders comic and Mask Stand!

More Displays & Booths...
 photo IMG_4419_zps3c71952b.jpg  photo IMG_4500_zps5226a59f.jpg  photo IMG_4501_zpsb2dac15e.jpg  photo IMG_4444_zps4569b222.jpg  photo IMG_4445_zpsbbba583e.jpg  photo IMG_4446_zps38f6f93a.jpg  photo IMG_4471_zpsd6fd3014.jpg  photo IMG_4475_zps5205a0bd.jpg  photo IMG_4477_zps1cbe668f.jpg  photo IMG_4441_zps7143eceb.jpg  photo IMG_4442_zps10fffb86.jpg  photo IMG_4474_zps0d7a9a59.jpg  photo IMG_4449_zpsd146902b.jpg  photo IMG_4561_zps9d9714ee.jpg  photo IMG_4576_zpsd4acbeef.jpg  photo IMG_4583_zps47b82576.jpg  photo IMG_4588_zpsda7cdc46.jpg
 photo IMG_4585_zps5ad10924.jpg  photo IMG_4586_zps4358f598.jpg
I remember owning that TMNT balloon thing when I was much younger!

SimplyToys Booth right at the end..
 photo IMG_4605_zps9e7f0809.jpg  photo IMG_4481_zps55bc80d9.jpg  photo IMG_4483_zps5b7bacdf.jpg  photo IMG_4485_zpsee769fb5.jpg  photo IMG_4486_zpsef738b8e.jpg  photo IMG_4482_zps3b5b145b.jpg  photo IMG_4619_zps26c3bf0c.jpg
 photo IMG_4618_zpsb549e4d9.jpg  photo IMG_4617_zps93d5b86c.jpg  photo IMG_4616_zpsdbfee880.jpg  photo IMG_4620_zps2c980a71.jpg  photo IMG_4621_zpsd51540be.jpg  photo IMG_4623_zps717d9bcd.jpg
Surprised to see them do a PopCultureShockToys' (PCS) HeMan reveal!
 photo IMG_4606_zpsb9584db5.jpg  photo IMG_4607_zps92478abf.jpg  photo IMG_4608_zps6391e40f.jpg  photo IMG_4610_zps026cab51.jpg  photo IMG_4611_zps71f963ed.jpg  photo IMG_4614_zps0317abc2.jpg  photo IMG_4615_zps2683ca42.jpg
 photo IMG_4612_zpsd7bae6b5.jpg 

 photo IMG_4624_zps37aac15b.jpg

More photos coming in the next few days!