Thursday 10 July 2014

Dead Island 2 Collector's Edition: You decide!

Have you ever seen a Collector's Edition and thought to yourself.. "Why on earth did they put those stuff in the CE? I would have chosen something better!"

Well.. now you have the chance to choose what you would like to see in the Dead Island 2 Collector's Edition in this Community Survey..

In the survey, you will have a variety of stuff to choose from. A ton of items have been listed, some of which include a real Zombie to DLC to a Beer Cooler Case to a Giant diorama set-piece with characters and zombies (Oooh.. Yeah!)

Instead of the standard yes or no, the survey allows you to rate each item from 1 (Do not want!) - 5 (I need this!).

I have rated 5 for all the figures and statues so I'll be hoping to see that Giant Diorama set. Come on you guys.. go on and rate 5 for that too!

I think they did a similar survey for Dead Island Riptide if I'm not wrong... Sadly, most of the items that I wanted didn't make it to the final CE but I'm thinking everyone will want to see that Giant Diorama set.. Yes? No?

Go on to that survey and choose the Diorama.. You know you want it..