Monday 14 July 2014

NECA's Diablo 3 Figure

Got this recently..

The Diablo figure from Diablo 3 made by NECA.

Comes with a base stand..

The figure is pretty steady once you attack the tail but the base stand does help if you intend to pose him.

Here's more pics..

The tail can be bent to your liking..

Pretty cool figure and the price is similar to other NECA figures even though this figure is much bigger.. 

I believe this has been selling very well that NECA has decided to another Diablo figure. Unfortunately, it's just a repaint..

Well... technically this Shadow Clone variant did feature in the game during the battle with Diablo so I'll be getting it as well.

I'm definitely hoping to see more figures from the Diablo license.. Malthael, Belial, Azmodan, The Butcher but considering NECA's pattern, I won't be counting on it. A real pity though.. The Diablo characters have so much detail and presence to them, I'm sure there are many collectors dying to see them in figure form. I can only dream..

Anyway.. here are some flavoured shots of the Lord of Terror, Diablo..

If you are looking for this Diablo figure in Singapore, my friend is selling these at SGD$32 each. 

Internationally, Entertainment Earth has this and the Shadow variant that will be releasing in September.. Check out the image links below..

Diablo III Lord of Terror Deluxe Scale 9-Inch Action Figure Diablo III Shadow of Diablo Deluxe 9-Inch Action Figure