Thursday 28 August 2014

Evolve Preview Event Round 2 - Part 2

So yes, this is Part 2 so you should be reading Part 1 first..

So after getting to try all 4 of the new Hunters, it was time to get our hands on the Kraken.

Haha, all of us were hesitant to go first, so first-timer Louis had to lead the way for us... And what a way to lead the way! In his first attempt as a Monster, he managed to win the match. Really good stuff! Gotta say he set the bar high for the rest of us. I would say, skill, luck and good guidance played a part.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we didn't manage to follow in Louis' footsteps..

I felt I started well but lost the momentum after reaching Stage 2. Playing with the keyboard and mouse felt a lot better than my previous attempt with Goliath on the Xbox controller.

Based on my 2 experiences playing as the Monsters, I still find that the learning curve for the Monsters is a bit steeper than the Hunters. As the Hunters, you have allies to back you up but as the Monster, it's all you. Of course, if you know what you are doing, you won't have anyone dragging you down either.

The Kraken is faster, as compared to the Goliath, so it can get across the terrain quicker. This will help you get more space between the Hunters and yourself. Based on what I saw, it seemed much harder to track down the Kraken, even with the new Hunters' better tracking abilities. Probably because of that, I thought I saw more Krakens getting to Stage 3, in comparison to the Goliaths.

However, defense-wise, it seemed easier to take down a Kraken than a Goliath. That is, if you can catch it. Even at Stage 3, it didn't feel impossible to bring down a Kraken.

Offense-wise, I couldn't see much differences. Both have their close-range and long-range attacks and it's really hard to say whose is better.

My Preference: Kraken

Both the Kraken and the Goliath have their strengths and weaknesses. No surprise about that. While the Kraken is fast, it's life-bar goes down faster whereas the Goliath is tougher and harder to take down, but slower.

There's really not much to choose between them but I hate to sit on the fence, so I just marginally have to choose the Kraken. Personally, I believe that early speed advantage might come in handy.

The new Hunters seem to be a little bit more offensive as a team, as compared to the first 4 hunters. I'm curious to see how the first 4 Hunter Classes will fare against the Kraken. 

However, you will be able to mix it up so it's going to be awesome having various strategies and combinations of Hunters. There's also going to be a 3rd set of Hunters as well as a 3rd Monster which will all be included in the release version of Evolve. So, that means the Pre-order bonus will allow you access to the 4th Monster. That is.. assuming that there will be no more surprises.. but with the release date being pushed back, who knows?

There should be new maps as well, but no other info about different game modes or single player.

There has been some tweaks and improvements to the user interface since the first event. Most notably, the Monster's health bar has been changed from a single long bar to segmented bars

As for the event itself, I enjoyed it. 2nd time playing Evolve and I'm as excited as ever. Once again 2K Asia was nice enough to give us some freebies for attending the event.

Awesome looking Tshirt! Will be an awesome memorabilia to remember the fun at the 2K Asia's office.

Front and Back of the Tshirt.

As always from 2K.. the Tshirt is of good quality too.

One more thing you can always expect from 2K Asia's game events.. Good food! They never let their fans go hungry at an event. 

No pics though.. Haven't you heard? Photographing food may be a sign of Mental Illness..

Wonderful times.. Here's what my friends have to say..

Jerome: "I have better grasp of the controls this time round as I got the experience and skills from the first event. Therefore, I am able to play really well with the new set of hunters as well as the Monster, the Kraken".

Abhinandhan: "Evolve is looking like it's gonna be the next big multiplayer game on the PC/Consoles just like how Left 4 Dead was on the PC. The gameplay is mostly fast paced, tension filled and most importantly, a shit ton of fun".

Louis: "I'm the Boss Monster!" Nah just kidding but I'm pretty sure that's what he meant to say from the way he was grinning..

"Although, it was my first time experiencing the game, the overall visual and audio presentation was impressive, and the controls were easy to pick up. The team-play mechanic of taking down a big powerful monster is intense and rewarding, and vice-versa, the satisfaction of winning as the Monster against 4 Human players is equally immense. This fun concept of a game shows a lot of promise."

Glad you guys enjoyed it!

Oh 1 more important thing.. 2K Asia is going to try and have yet another event for the 3rd set of Hunters and the 3rd Monster, so do watch their Facebook Page for the latest updates from Evolve.