Saturday 18 November 2017

Assassin's Creed Origins Updates for November

So, friends.. how have you been enjoying Assassin's Creed Origins so far? Beautiful game, don't you think?

I have posted my early thoughts on the game here, with plenty of screenshots if you want to check that out.

There's new content coming to the game as promised before release.. via both free and paid content.

Trial of the Gods

The first challenge against Anubis started on Nov 7 and lasted a week.

For each event, you can earn one exclusive piece of god-themed gear if you defeat the challenge. This gear piece will be themed after whichever god that you are challenging..

While you can try the challenge as many times as you want, you will only unlock one weapon per event. 

Complete all 4 items in the weapon set and you will receive an exclusive legendary outfit.

Not to worry if you miss one, there will be another chance in the future thankfully.

And of course, there will be more Trials after this. 

New In-Game Items

We can expect to see more outfits, mounts & weapons in DLC Packs.

Nightmare Pack

- 3 weapons
- 1 outfit
- 1 mount

Can be purchased with Helix Credits or via Heka Chests (Nomad Bazaar)

First Civilization Pack

- 4 weapons
- 1 mount

Roman Centurion Pack

- 1 Outfit (Centurion's Armour)
- 2 Weapons (Divide et Impera (Melee) & Vox Popuoli (Melee))
- 1 Shield (Vincit qui Patitur)
- 1 Mount (Lucius, Roman Stallion)

This is available for free for Season Pass Owners.

Horus Pack

- 1 Outfit
- 1 Shield
- 1 Mount
- 2 Bows

This is available for free for Season Pass Owners.

Cool Stuff! Hopefully these new items are good enough for the end-game challenges. Would be very disappointing if they are just aesthetically good-looking but not good enough to hold it's own against top-level enemies.

Did you guys manage to complete the first Trials of the Gods challenge? 

I'm not that far into the game to even try the challenge so have no idea how the challenge was.What did you get for defeating Anubis? Did everyone get the same piece in the set or was it random? Would love to see some pics!