Monday 20 November 2017

Assassin's Creed Origins UbiCollectibles Apple of Eden Collection Pics

More stuff for the AC Origins Collection!

The Apple of Eden Replica from UbiCollectibles..

More pics below..

Some pics of the box..

There was already a movie version of the Apple of Eden Artifact but this one is based on the version that we see in the games..

Like the movie version, it comes with a stand..

A bit cheap-looking though. Very light-weight and flimsy compared to the movie version but themed with the latest AC Origins.

Don't let that take away from the Apple of Eden replica itself. 

Nice and detailed, though once again a bit light compared to it's movie counterpart..

Lights up with some Batteries..

and of course it's amazing in the dark..

As a comparison, I definitely prefer the movie version because it feels more quality but if you don't have that, this is still an nice Collector piece to have, based on the game..