Sunday 2 November 2014

GameStart 2014: Bloodborne Producer Event

Attended the Bloodborne Meet-the-Producer Event at GameStart 2014 as well and it was a fantastic experience! Louis, Abhinandhan and Jerome all got the invites as well.

From having 0 interest in this game, I am seriously considering getting this now.

Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa was on stage to talk about this Dark/Demon Souls' spiritual successor.

All the details from the Event
- Game is set in 19th Century Victorian Era
- Players are Hunters who will be equipped with a trick weapon that can change shape. 
- Trick weapon will come in 2 shapes that have different fight styles.
- The trick weapon that we saw has different attack ranges in each of it's shape
- Battle system is called "rally" where if you get hit but manage to hit back within the set time, you will be able to recover the health lost
- Green bar is for stamina that depletes even while attacking so you got to be tactical.
- You can use pebbles to distract enemies from a mob to pick them off one-by-one
- You will meet other Hunter allies in-game and you can choose if you want to help them or not.
- There will be some sort-of link to Demon Souls.

We also got to see 2 live demos from the Producer and his assistant, who also acted as his translator. First round, was his assistant.

Having played the demo earlier, I found the game excruciatingly tough. The challenge at the Convention was to beat the first Boss to win a T-shirt. An impossible task! I could hardly even fight through a few of the mobs before dying. 

Earlier, Masaaki Yamagiwa had said that only 1 person had managed to beat the challenge out of about 300 people. at GameStart 2014. In another convention in the USA, only 30 out of 3500 people beat the challenge.

So, we watched the first round, he made everything seem so easy. He breezed through the mobs but unfortunately, he too failed before he reached the Boss. But impressive stuff. 

Then of course, it was time for Masaaki himself to take over the controller. Man oh man, what a difference. No disrespect to his assistant but Masaaki wheezed through the mobs with inch-perfect accuracy. 

He hardly even got hit. Perfect number of hits, there were no extra attacks to kill an enemy. Perfection at it's best. Then, it was time for the Boss. It wasn't an easy task but he got the job done. There were a couple of "oh crap" moments but there wasn't any doubt that he would fail.

Masaaki then threw a couple of signed T-shirts into the crowd to everyone's delight. Didn't manage to get one unfortunately but my friend, Jerome did. Great for him!

Stunning BloodBorne cosplay!
Mini lucky draw for the lucky 80 who got into the VIP area of the Stage Event after that. No luck again.. Bull Crap Shit!

Lastly, but one of the best, it was announced that Singapore will be the first to get the game in the world on Feb 5, 2015 (Thursday)! Really? Doesn't US always get a Tuesday game release?

Anywway.. after watching the gameplay demo, the game didn't seem that tough. Watching the technique which he used during the battles was helpful and when we tried the challenge again, we progressed a lot further. Still.. couldn't complete the challenge but Abhinandhan and I agreed that it didn't feel as impossible as it did, during the first few tries.

I have a lot more interest in this game after the Producer Event than I had before. Definitely considering getting this. It's a PS4 exclusive furthermore. February is going to be busy with this, Evolve & The Order: 1886