Saturday 8 November 2014

Finished off Evolve's Big Alpha with a bang!

Thanks to the extension of the Big Alpha, I managed to get some play time with the Monster class.

Pretty much from the first time I played the game, I knew that I'll be playing the Hunter classes when I am with friends and the Monster class when I'm alone. But I haven't had much success with the Monster classes so far. 

Maybe it's the inexperience, maybe it's the pressure but being up against 4 players is intimidating no matter what they told you about the strength of the Monster. But I really wanted to play as the Monster. 

So, when the Big Alpha had match making issues on the PS4, when in a party... I was like "Ok, this is it. I'm playing alone as Goliath." Memorised all the controls and went in confidently. Took the "Faster Feeding" perk and a new set of starting skills.. I was nervous, I had to get away as far as possible from the landing point and feed as much as possible. Somehow I managed to evolve to Stage 2 quickly.

Had a couple of fights with the Hunters but still managed to get to Stage 3. Went in for the Power Plant and got it's health to half. I didn't realise that I couldn't attack the Power Plant while being attacked. I thought I could just whack it and try to destroy it before the Hunters could take down my health. Stupid move! Died before I realised that.

Second game went pretty well. Stage 3 and I'm at the Power Plant again. This time I knew I had to go for the Hunters first. Managed to take 3 of them out but the annoying sentry guns were in the way and it was just enough for the Hunters to come back and take me out.

I was getting better at this but still needed a win.

3rd game. Hunters were real good in this round. They were right on my tracks at Stage 1 and my health went dangerously low. I think I fought back really well in this round and got to Stage 2. Used all my experience to force them into a couple of mistakes and I had the upper hand now. Evolved to Stage 3 and took them out 1-by-1. This time they were no match for me and there was no one to stop me as I had my way with the Power Plant.

Ooh Yea!! 

Been gaming a lot that past few days, so I decided to end my time with the Big Alpha on a winning note. I was a lot more confident playing as Goliath and it became increasingly fun rather than stressful. 

Felt I had enough time with all the Classes and decided it was best to continue when the actual game comes out. Of course, a Beta test would be most welcome once the new Hunter & Monster Classes are revealed.

My favourite Hunter character is still Hank as Support though. Of the 2 Support characters, I find that Hank is more defensive while Bucket is more about Offense. 

You know what they say.. "The best defense is a good offense" which is true not only for the Hunters but very, very true for the Monster classes. Both Goliath & Kraken doesn't seem to have much in terms of defense, apart from their mobility, so they rely a lot on their attacking prowess to take out the Hunters. But, if you can stop their attacks, then you can really cripple the Monsters.

Which is why, Hank's Energy Shield is 1 of my favourite abilities from all the Hunters. Shielding your allies can really throw off the Monster and disrupt his game plan.

And of course, my personal favourite ability (at least for now) has to be Hank's Orbital Barrage. Nothing, I repeat.. nothing can be more satisfying than raining missiles onto an unsuspecting Monster.

Super, super excited for the game now. February is too long away!