Thursday 19 February 2015

The Order: 1886 CE's Statue Review by a Special Guest

So, you have seen the Premium Edition and it's Statue..

Now it's time to check out the Collector's Edition's statue. I don't have the CE yet so I got a friend to help me out with some pics and his thoughts on the statue.

A big welcome to Leon! Met him at GameStart 2014, when I was there with a few other guys and we have been in regular contact since then. Very cool guy and he's a big Evolve fan as well. We have been playing on the PS4 together and I am honoured to have 1 of the best Trappers, I have ever seen, on my team.

Alright, take it away Leon!

Here's his thoughts..

"Having not bought a collector's edition in a really long time, I have decided to pick up the collector's edition for The Order 1886. 

It comes with the standard stuff like, costume DLC, couple of stickers, digital soundtrack and all that. But the major selling point for me was the sweet ass 7" statue of the game'a main character, Galahad.

Overall, I was really impressed with the amount of detail they put into this statue, from the creases in the cloak, the chainmail parts in the armor, Galahad's plated greaves look super awesome as well. 

And now on to the bad part, the base and the wall he's leaning on looks too glossy, it really is of a different standard than the figure itself. The gun too doesn't look too great, maybe because it's all black. 

To summarize, it's a really good deal to pick up this figurine for ~$20(Game by itself is around SGD$70, collector's edition is SGD$89)."

Great review there!

Yes, the detail on Galahad looks really great. Cant wait to add this to my collection soon. You really can't argue with the value of this CE. For just a little more, you get an upgrade to the Steelbook edition as well as a gorgeous statue.